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Welcome to Startup&Art Barcelona

The community for entrepreneurs with artistic skills.
Music, visual art, sculpture, dance, whatever... 

What is Startup&Art?

A bunch of creative people from successful companies in Barcelona joined together to show how art enriches their lives and connects them with other creative minds.

Startup&Art is a community where any entrepreneur is free to exchange artistic/creative production or ideas...and show them at special events! 

If you may paint, draw, sculpt, dance, play music...bring it up here, share your passion!

The entrepreneur is the cornerstone of the New Renaissance

Are you an entrepreneur?

Do you have artistic skills?

Barcelona leads the
New Renaissance in Europe.

The study "New Renaissance Hotspots", commissioned by Huawei and independently developed by the Institute of Arts and Ideas and Kjaer Global, explores how centuries after the Renaissance that developed in Europe between the fourteenth and seventeenth centuries a new revolutionary period started.

We are witnessing a similar cultural revolution, in which new forms of creation, exchange of ideas and innovation are emerging thanks to the meeting of new technologies with creative communities.

Also, the study highlights that the "New Renaissance" will be responsible for the creation of more than 1.1 million jobs throughout Europe in 2025 and 1.47 million in 2030.


Passionate for technology and art, strong entrepreneurs and business strategists.

Mar Alarcón


Gerard Compte


Christian Rodríguez


Marc Borrell


Guillermo Gaspart


Toni Mascaró


Nacho Sala

Pablo Mieres

SHOW who you are

In Startup&Art we believe that exchange, variety, and creativity are fuel for evolution and progress
Be part of the New Renassance.

Our art 

Here are some of our pieces.
Hope we see yours some time soon!


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